telemedical solutions
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White label
Easy implementation
24h / 365 days a year
Range of specialists
Global reach

Functionalities for business

e-Registration - we provide a telemedical system for a round-the-clock consultations booking with an option to choose a preferred method of contact with a doctor of a given medical specialty. Module consists of a registration panel necessary for storing medical documentation, purchase panel and teleconsultation panel.

e-Documentation - we create Individual Accounts for patients with secure access to all data and easy electronic identification. The patients have an option to send and store medical tests results and other medical documentation on their account, chat or have a video call with a doctor and have unlimited access to printable doctor's recommendations and referrals.

e-Monitoring - we provide technological solutions that allow 24/7 monitoring of patients' life parameters through teleinformatic systems. We offer medical tests using certified telemedical devices dedicated to remote diagnostics. Data recorded by telemedical devices are automatically transmitted to Patient's e-Documentation and can be analysed by doctors immediately.

e-Administration - we provide a module for system administrators enabling easy users and consultations management. Module allows for users' accounts administration and monitoring, reporting of accounts activity, alert sending and data editing.

e-Doctor - we provide doctors with a module to reflect patients' data and correct recording of consultation results. Module allows for: all medical information gathered during a consultation to be quickly and easily entered into electronic medical forms, issuing recommendations, referrals and prescriptions, statistics monitoring of carried out consultations, contacting patients via chat, phone or video call, sending email and text message reminders.

e-Patient - we offer a telemedical platform that guides the patient intuitively through the whole process of selecting, booking and purchasing of the consultation and contacting the doctor afterwards. Each patient has an individual account created automatically upon booking the first consultation.

e-Statistics - we provide statistics, reports regarding activity and carried out services. We monitor promptness of doctors' calls, consultations length, how many patients go back to stationary visits, satisfaction level of patients and partners and number and reasons for using our service.

e-Security - data processing service complies with rigorous security standards. Each of our partnerships is protected by NDA (no disclosure agreement). We make business and personal data confidentiality our topmost priority. All solutions regarding personal data safety are described in Privacy Policy of Telmedicin Sp. z o.o. section.

Artificial Intelligence - we share with our users a thorough and constantly updated medical reference guide supported by our own artificial intelligence. This reference guide, developed and maintained by a team of tech and medical experts, is created by analyzing correlations between symptoms presented by the patients and treatment given by the doctors. AI is a tool that increases the quality and safety of the service provided.

Who benefits most


Medical teleconsultations as part of an insurance package: health, life, travel, bancassurance.


Medical teleconsultations as an integral part of assistance package providing ad-hoc consultations globally.

concierge, accident insurance, travel insurance, bancassurance

Healthcare companies

Telemedical platform outsourcing for consulting Patients by healthcare providers.

Mobile application integrating healthcare company's system functionalities with telemedical services.


Medical and/or pharmaceutical teleconsultations through telemedical platform or Telemedicine kiosk located in a pharmacy.

Pharmaceutical companies

Tourism, transportation, logistics

Medical teleconsultations for expats, travelers, holidaymakers, drivers, offshore workers and people working from home.

Laboratory diagnostics and check-ups

Medical teleconsultations with specialists interpreting test results.


Guaranteeing employees fast access to a doctor in the workplace.

possibility of installing Telemedicine kiosk with telemedical devices for ad-hoc diagnostics.

Cooperation models

Telemedical consultations

Telemedical consultations is a model in which Clients consult doctors after previous authorization from our Business Partners, without integration of technology with Partner's system

Chosen benefits for Partners:

  • up to 40% cost reduction in medical consultations
  • lower utilization of standard office appointments
  • geographically unrestricted access to consultations
  • an attractive service improving Partner's business proposition
  • low implementation costs
  • content and technological support on every stage of cooperation

System outsourcing

System outsourcing in the white label model + telemedical services - a model in which we provide our Business Partners a telemedical platform tailored for their needs and brand with an option to consult Patients by Telemedico doctors

Chosen benefits for Partners:

  • technologically innovative telemedical platform
  • integrated with Partner's existing development environment
  • personalized solutions meeting Partner's expectations,
  • architecture enabling full appointments management,
  • medical data storage, generating reports, system users administration
  • content and technological support on every stage of cooperation
  • competitive implementation costs
  • short fulfillment deadlines




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