About us

We offer our clients a modern, intuitive telemedical platform technology and remote consultations with doctors of various specialties, via internet or telephone, with 24/7 service, 365 days a year.

Our strengths are easy, fast and safe contact with a doctor, time and cost saving technology, avoiding queues, traffic and other annoyances related to stationary visits. We provide our services to insurance companies as part of their health, travel, life, assistance or bancassurance package, as well as to individual patients who need medical assistance at home, at work or while travelling abroad.

During telemedical consultations Telemedico doctors perform full and thorough examination, analyse uploaded medical test results and issue treatment recommendations to view and print from the patient's individual account.

To increase diagnostic effectiveness of medical consultations we have introduced Telemedicine Kiosks to the market, where patients can carry out several medical tests using integrated telemedical devices, while conversing with a doctor. This way we can diagnose and treat remotely most of the medical problems our patients come with.